The Golden List: What Makes A Great Casual Educator?

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At Talent Now, we’re lucky to work with a great pool of talented and experienced casual educators. Since our launch last August, our team has had the opportunity to collect the best insights from Centre Directors and Educators about what makes a fantastic educator. We’ve brought this list together into an article with some valuable nuggets of wisdom!

Love What You Do

Simply loving your job as an educator means you’ll bring passion, positivity and great energy to your day. If your heart isn’t in it, this can easily show and could affect your chances of getting more shifts through a Centre.

“Enthusiasm. Be confident. Be happy to be there. Always offer to help out in anyway and do your part.” — Tayla, Educator

Be organised, efficient and reliable

When you have booked with a Centre, remember to contact them before your first shift with a quick note to introduce yourself and say you’re really looking forward to working there. Arrive early and don’t forget to bring all your personal info with you on your first day — bank details, TFN, superannuation, as this helps to get you set up efficiently in their system and ensures you are paid on time!

Communication is key

Communication is the essence of any thriving and happy relationship. As an educator, having great communications skills means you’ll be able to effectively connect, educate and influence the children you spend time with.

“Be someone who has a genuine interest in getting to know each child individually. Great communication with children is critical to making them feel comfortable, safe and valued. Communication with colleagues is also important for the smooth running of the Centre” — Raelene, Educator

Show initiative and ask questions

Asking questions reinforces that you’re engaged and genuinely want to learn more about the Centre. It shows that you’re using your initiative and are thinking of ways to help the staff without having to be asked. We believe brilliant educators never stop asking questions because they know that this is the best way to gain deeper insights and improve their skills.

And there is always something to do — fold washing, reset a play space or sweep the floor — the Centre staff will be so thankful.

Always have a song up your sleeve

Every good Educator has a bank of great songs ready to entertain the kids. Know which songs work well with different age groups and include some percussion instruments for added fun. Teaching the kids a familiar song in another language can also be a great way to keep them engaged.


Remaining patient helps to create a sense of calm in what can sometimes be a busy, stressful environment. Why not practice some mindfulness exercises with the children? Relaxation and meditation can help diffuse any highly-charged room.

Learn on the job

Look at every job as an opportunity to learn. Even experienced educators tell us after years of working in the sector there will be days when they encounter something new. Relish these opportunities, remain open-minded and willing to listen to others’ perspectives.

“In my 11 years of being an educator, I haven’t stopped learning. It’s the nature of who you’re working with — children never cease to amaze me and they continually challenge the way you teach.” Michelle, Educator

Be the lifesaver

Above all, be the educator that Centres want to invite back. Those who are willing to get their hands dirty, are proactive and jump in to assist without being asked will always be the first to be asked back.

Learn More about Talent Now

Talent Now takes the hassle out of sourcing staff and job hunting. Our mission is to make staffing easy and cost effective, so that childcare centres and educators can focus on what they are most passionate about — children.

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