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We all know how vital casual educators are to the childcare eco-system and how important their role is to the effective functioning of any centre.

Take a look at these suggestions below pulled from our survey of 50 educators. By implementing a few simple measures, you’ll likely get a lot more from that extra set of hands, as they start to feel valued and appreciated.

Our key takeaways:

Treat others how you would like to be treated. Going to work, day-in, day-out without a regular work environment or familiar faces, can be incredibly daunting and lonely. Simple chit chat and a friendly smile can go a long way to enriching the lives of the casuals working in your centres.

When your centre is busy, getting “the casual” to clean seems an easy solution, but given this appears to be the most common bugbear for casuals, it could be worthwhile implementing cleaning shifts with a rotation of staff.

Going out of your way to make casuals feel like a valued member of your team and ensuring all staff in the centre know how important casuals are to the effective functioning of your centre can only result in more harmony and enjoyment for all.

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